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A 15-shade eyeshadow palette.

With 15 natural hues to craft a multitude of looks for the eyes, ZOEVA’s Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette is here to add serious glamour to your looks. 

Packed with nudes, soft browns, and delicate hues, the palette has an ultra-micronised formula which blends effortlessly to create deep, mysterious eye looks.

Palette Contains:
* ND010 - Metallic pale mocha
* ND020 - Powdery chocolate shimmer
* ND030 - Matte black
* ND040 - Golden copper with chocolate undertones
* ND050 - Chocolate truffle
* ND060 - Deep chocolate with a golden shimmer
* ND070 - Pale chocolate with muted rose pink undertones
* ND080 - Pale mocha shimmer
* ND090 - Rusty copper shimmer
* ND100 - Pale creamy nude shimmer
* ND110 - Peach tinted cream with beige undertones and a shimmer finish
* ND120 - Pale golden chocolate shimmer
* ND130 - Pale pink nude
* ND140 - Pale cream shimmer
* ND150 - Pale brown coffee

ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

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